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Zaad Awards
Zaad Awards


Foundation for Excellence

The Zaad Awards were established to recognize and promote excellence in diverse fields of talent, with the goal of inspiring imagination, creativity, and service.

We believe excellence must be cultivated, pursued, and celebrated. This is why the Zaad Awards seeks to showcase exceptional accomplishments through a wide variety of contests and competitions. Challenge spurs us to heighten our talents and kindle new ideas that benefit others.


What are the Zaad Awards?

A Zaad Award represents the pinnacle of creativity, innovation, or achievement earned in the various arts where Zaad hosts competitive events. A Zaad Award carries a title of prestige that reflects work held to discriminating criteria. Like the Julia Childs of cooking, the Andy Warhol of painting, and the Ansel Adams of photography, recipients excel in their craft and distinguish themselves in their profession while giving back.

Zaad Awards Zaad Awards Zaad Awards
Zaad Awards Zaad Awards Zaad Awards
Zaad Awards Zaad Awards Zaad Awards

A Mission to Give Back

The Zaad concept goes beyond the promotion of the competitive spirit to achieve our highest and best performance. Zaad is synonymous with the principles of charity and philanthropy. We know our greatest ideas lead to what benefits humanity. That’s why we ensure every competition is built on a humanitarian foundation.

Zaad Awards
Zaad Awards Zaad Awards Zaad Awards Zaad Awards


Seeds of Inspiration

“Zaad” comes from a root word meaning seed. In the spark of inspiration, a seed is planted – a seed that grows to fruition as an idea culminates into a crowning accomplishment. As we spur our competitors to excel, we not only encourage seeds of achievement. Just as importantly, we’re planting seeds of positive change – raising funds for deserving non-profits and bringing awareness and help to charitable causes around the globe.

Zaad Awards

An Invitation

We invite you to step into our world of excellence and philanthropy. Through promoting competitions that challenge and refine creative skills, we can celebrate new developments in arts and culture while making the world a better place for those who need help.

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